New World Activity

NEW WORLD (Download full lesson)
This is a new twist on a classic ESL conversation activity. Its main purpose is to get groups to discuss possibilities and to agree and disagree with each other before coming to a final conclusion, which leaves it open for a good selection of different language that could be pre-taught as a build up to this fun activity.


  1. The world is coming to an end and we must start up a new civilization on a new planet. There is a spaceship that can only take 6 people, so, the task is to choose 6 out of the 12 people available, who would be the most suitable to start a new world.


Put the class in groups to discuss their answers. Students must explain why they chose each person and how they can help advance the new world.

It’s very important to set the scene well, so the teacher needs to tell the story dramatically to help the students become more immersed in the part the play.


New vocabulary:

  • population- populate- over populated- under populated

  • reproduction- reproduce

  • rebuild

  • produce crops- farm the land

  • build houses

  • lead the people

  • entertain people

  • educate the youth

  • civil society

  • maintain law and order

  • treat the ill


Profile information

AGE          SEX             NATIONALITY              OCCUPATION

47           Male               American                    Politician

17         Female             Japanese                      Model

36         Female              Kenyan              Illiterate (pregnant)

61          Male                Chinese                       Farmer

32          Male                 English                      Engineer

27        Female              Mexican                     Teacher

68        Female              German                       Doctor

25          Male                 Korean                        Singer

12          Male            Zimbabwean                 Student

14        Female              Spanish                      Student

29         Male                   Irish                        Carpenter

34       Female             Brazilian                Policewoman


  1. It is now a few hundred years later and the new world is thriving with over 100,000 people. Now it’s time to discuss what the laws and rules will be for the new world. Explain the new language and then have the students answer the discussion questions in their groups.


Political systems:

Democracy   Communism  Dictatorship  Theocracy  Monarchy  Meritocracy


standardized language   dialects    hybrid

 censorship  free speech  freedom of expression  regulations


technology   finance   manufacturing  agriculture

State Religion:

Christianity  Buddhism  Islam  Hinduism  Judaism  Atheism

Discuss the following questions.

  1. Which political system will the new world have?

  2. What will the official language(s) be?

  3. Will there be censorship?

  4. What industries will your country try to develop?

  5. Will citizens be allowed to carry a gun?

  6. Will there be the death penalty?

  7. Will there be a state religion?

  8. What will the educational system be like? Will there be compulsory education to a certain age?

  9. Who will be allowed to marry?


  • Have students present their answers to the class.

  1. To extend this class, you could have groups debate the decisions they have made for a new society.