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Dear Teachers,

With all the websites and blogs out there these days, it’s sometimes difficult to get noticed in the thousands of listings that appear when you type in a search for an educational need, such as a lesson, a course, or some advice best practices for the classroom. 

At AstroEnglish we are endeavoring to create, not just a websites where these various ESL/TEFL resources can be found, but a directory that can send people directly to your blog/website to find out more about your online presence/product.

We hereby invite you to send us lessons, articles, Vlogs etc. We will create a webpage with your content and place a direct link to your blog/website ABSOLUTELY FREE. Your page will automatically become part of our rigorous social media campaigns and will avail of our SEO expertise. 

For more information, or to have a page created immediately, send your details/lesson/link to you site to: