Email to prospective employer when applying for a new job

Email to prospective employer when applying for a new job (Download full lesson)
This email is to accompany an application for a new job and is just a short introduction meant to grab the attention of a prospective employer. The email should be short and concise but have enough relevant information to make the employer want to spend time reading through a CV/resume and cover letter.


  • Stages of the email

  • Subject line

  • Greeting

  • Aim of email

  • Introduction to experience

  • Introduction to qualifications

  • Find attachment

  • Recommendation

  • Sign out


  • Target language

  • to apply

  • suitable

  • position

  • experienced

  • qualified

  • ideal candidate

  • attachment

  • cover letter

  • C.V. / Resume


  • Interpersonal language

  • Please consider

  • I would appreciate

  • I would be grateful

  • Please let me know

  • Express my interest

  • I believe I would


Email sample:

Subject: Application for position of travel writer!

Dear Ms. Wilson,

I would like to express my interest in the position of staff travel writer/photographer I saw advertised in Globe Trotters Monthly.

I am an experienced writer and photographer and have published many articles in magazines and travel websites. I have also had over four million visitors to my travel blog in the last two years. My photography has been printed in some major travel magazines and I have funded my own travels from exhibitions of my work in London and New York.

For the above reasons, I believe I would be an ideal candidate for the position with your organization.

I have attached my C.V. and a detailed cover letter to this email and I would appreciate it if you would consider me for this position.

Please let me know if you would like to schedule an interview. You can reply to me at this email address or call me anytime at 014-4829 3657.

Best regards

Sally Phillips.

Fill the gaps with the words from below:


To whom it _________,

I am writing this email to _________ for the position of site manager for your company which I saw _____________on Tech Today.

I ___________ with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from M.I.T. in 2001, after which I was a junior _____________ for Cisco for the next three years. After gaining valuable experience at such a ___________ company, I was accepted onto Berkley’s MA in Advanced Computer Science course.

After completing my Master’s, I worked for another _________ multi-national for the next six years, four of which were as project manager to a team of 62 technicians.

I am now looking for a new ____________ and I believe my experience and _______________ make me an ideal candidate for this position. I would be grateful if you would ___________ me for this position.


I have attached my resume and a detailed __________ letter to this email for your consideration.


Best Regards

Stephanie Clones.

cover, prestigious, major, apply, qualifications, advertised, concerns, graduated, consider, programmer, challenge

Speaking: give students a few minutes to brainstorm target language and interpersonal language that will be useful in this email. Present language to class and teacher elicits correct use of the language.


Exercise: write an email to a prospective employer giving a brief introduction to yourself and stating why you are suitable for a particular position.