Discussing your Company and Position Lesson

Discussing your company and position  (Download Full Lesson)
This lesson aims to help students describe what kind of company they work for and what their position is in the company. It also examines different characteristics and motivations an employee may possess. Finally, some useful adjectives are introduced to describe some positive or negative traits of co-workers and bosses. (This is a good introduction lesson for a business English course).

1) Practice asking and answering the following questions!

  • What kind of company do you work for? 

  • I work for a tech/internet/medical/finance etc… company.

  • I work for a multinational I.T./auto/logistics etc… company that specializes in…

  • I work for a startup company in the I.T. industry.

  • What is your position in the company? 

  • I work as a programmer/analyst/HR assistant etc…

  • I am a project manager/finance officer/accountant etc…

  • My job is to coordinate/manage/communicate etc…

  • What are your main duties?

  • My main duties are doing the accounts/dealing with customers/analyzing data etc…

  • My day to day duties vary quite a lot. Some days I… other days I…

  • What department are you in?

  • I am in the R&D/HR/finance/sales etc… department.

  • What other departments are in your company?

  • My company has departments for R&D/HR/finance/sales etc…

    2) Explain and discuss these skills an employee should possess!


Communication Skills


Teamwork Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Strong Work Ethic



Analytical Skills

Computer Skills

Organizational Skills


  • What are the three most important skills for an employee?

  • What are the three least important skills for an employee?

  • Which one of these skills is your strongest? How can you help your colleagues improve this skill?

  • Which one of these skills is your weakest? How can you improve this?


3) Motivating factors in the workplace!

Work/life balance


  • Which three factors motivate you the most? Why?

  • Which three factors motivate you the least? Why?

4) Group work activity: (Students ask each other these questions and present their answers to the class)

  • What do you like best about your current position at your company?

  • What would you like to change about your job?

  • What was your biggest success story in your department?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

  • What is you dream company to work for?

    5) The following are adjectives for describing people. Arrange them into order of opposites in the columns according to which are positive and negative traits?




































o Which of these traits best describes you?
o Which of these traits would you like to improve in yourself?
o Which of these traits best describes your manager?
o Which of these traits do you think a manager should possess?
o Which of these traits best describes your colleague?
o Which of these traits do you think a colleague should possess?