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Opportunities are everywhere
This is a blog post on how to encourage teachers and students to be more creative in the work that they do and through encouraging this creativity in ourselves we can help improve our student’s learning outcomes, become better teachers and find new approaches and techniques of doing tasks and activities in the classroom. Opportunities are everywhere suggests that we can through creativity we can discover these new opportunities all the time…


Here’s a secret: we can do more by doing less, and the pain does not necessarily mean the gain. In business, all possible ideas and actions are mapped against two factors: the potential impact (output) and the input (or effort) required to implement the action.



final10 WAYS TO MAKE GAP-FILLS MORE LEARNING-RICH – I’ve always been fascinated by the story about Betty Crocker and how the company succeeded in designing the experience of making a cake. The company turned the whole process of baking into a simple matter of adding water, but they got off to a bad start. The initial sales were disappointingly sluggish. The company turned to focus groups and psychoanalysis to aid with product development. The solution they came up with was quite unexpected. 


NOUGHTS AND CROSSES:VERB TENSE REVIEWOne of the ways to make learning more effective is to transit from mechanical work to more engagement with the target grammar or vocabulary items focusing on the use of forms for own production of students.


16419582702_3589e44d1c_k‘A’ is for alphabet, ‘G’ is for …?
Google’s choice of ‘Alphabet‘ as its new company’s name has generated much buzz in the news. Well, the choice is more than logical – if there is anything more familiar to people on this planet than Google, it is alphabet that represents language.


Don Snow – Teaching English the Fun Way
Adjective Noun Grade 2




Don Snow – Teaching English the Fun Way
Sentence Structure Grade 2