Asking for information, instructions and clarification email

Asking for information and clarification email (Download full lesson)
One of the most common business emails may be making and responding to requests for information from a client, colleague or customer. This lesson lays out a simple formula for keeping this email brief and concise.


Asking for information and clarification email worksheet

  • Stages of the email

  • Subject line

  • Greeting

  • Aim of email

  • Request for information

  • Request for clarification

  • Request for instructions

  • Sign out


  • Target language

  • request assistance

  • inform/information

  • unclear

  • requirements

  • clarify

  • explain

  • update

  • advise

  • instruct

  • anticipate


  • Interpersonal language

  • I was wondering/hoping you could…

  • Would you mind…?

  • appreciate your help

  • Could you inform me…?

  • Could I trouble you…?

  • How should I…


Requesting information email!

Email sample:


Hi Mike,

I am writing this email to request your assistance on a few topics. I know you are very busy so I hope this doesn’t put you out.

I was wondering if you could give me more information about the customer’s requirements for the project and I’d also like to know how flexible they are with the deadline? Writing this program is taking longer than we had anticipated.

Also, could you clarify a couple of things for me?

  1. Do you want us to build a WordPress website?

  2. What font do you want us to use on the website?

Finally, how can I integrate the new software with the older version?


Thanks for your time.


Jimmy Li.


Fill-in the blanks with the correct word from below.


Dear April,

I am writing to _____________ about some _______________ information regarding our current project for your company.

It was recently brought to my _______________ that some of the original requirements have changed but I am a little _______________ as to what these changes are. I hope you can bring me __________________ on this so that we can move along with the project.

  1. Is it correct that we should ____________ the dimensions of the screen? If so, what are the new dimensions?

  2. Should we use the same processor you ________________ asked for or would you like the newer version Pentium have just ________________?


Also, could you ____________ a couple of points about the prototype’s appearance?

  1. Do you want the ____________ of the cell phone to have a matt finish?

  2. Do you want the ____________ to be protruding by 1.5mm?


Lastly, could you ________________ us on how we should send the prototype to your office in California _________________?

Thanks for your time and I would ________________ if you could reply in a timely manner so we can proceed.

Best Regards

Tommy Zhang


body, instruct, attention, initially, up to date, safely, appreciate, alter, additional, released, clarify, logo, unclear, enquire



Speaking: give students a few minutes to brainstorm target language and interpersonal language that will be useful in this email. Present language to class and teacher elicits correct use of the language.


Exercise: Write an email to a colleague/client asking for information on the project and also asking for clarification on some points. Also ask for some instructions on how to do something you are having some difficulty with.